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Buy the paintings  of love created by VictoriaDutu


Buy the paintings  of love created by VictoriaDutu

13 thoughts on “Buy the paintings  of love created by VictoriaDutu

  1. I love your creative expressionism



    1. Many many thanks

      1. Anytime my pleasure I have many aspects I do as well besides writing and lacing lyrics.

        We all should look at different aspects of expressionism for me without music the world would be a numbing void of silent echoes.


      2. Wow

      3. So beautiful words

      4. Y are very smart

  2. Thank you for the support Victoria

    1. Many thank for your appreciation

    2. I invite you to see all my activity and paintings on my website

    3. And read my books. All my Books are on Amazon and my Books are beautiful and intelligent and spiritual

    4. Y can read my novel Gabriel only for $ 2


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      About the novel Gabriel by Victoria Dutu
      The “Gabriel” is a novel of love and not only inspired by the real life of our time, with powerful characters who conquer the hardships of life. It is about the power of man and the moral values.

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