Reader’s Words


Atanasis Petra:
Your welcome. your book will be sought after by many people after the universe and the world is going through a critical period.
After going through various crisis periods in the last few years, people will have time to reflect on the state of the universe, the world and humans. Your books will guide people to understand the various events that have occurred.

I’m sure, God is the one who brought us together. God Bless you. I love you. the Holy Spirit always be with you.


Peter. P: I am enjoying reading your poems, Victoria! I take my time reading them and they bring me a sense of Transcendence


V.D. Do you like my novel Gabriel?
Jamie A.F: I am reading it. I have not finished yet. But it is kind of interesting.


What readers say


Elena M: Happy New Year!…May you have a Happy New Year with lots of happiness and health! All I can tell you is that I’ve just picked up the package with the books….I just had no patience at all to get home and I read up to the 12th page of The Anonymous! So interesting and such beautiful words that have actually made me cry…Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!..all the best of luck to you in the future and may you have a lovely evening ahead!

V.D. Thank you so much for your lovely words!

Elena M: Good morning! Thank you once again and all I can tell you is that you have given me the courage I needed to start reading the books that are written in such beautiful and extraordinary words … Congratulations and all my appreciation!… Have a lovely day… Kind regards!

Mariana V: Good evening! I’ve read your books and wished to congratulate you for the way you are writing, that is by putting your heart and soul in it. May God give you health and protect you, so that you can write some more and bring happiness to us, your readers…Thank you so much and regards to you. God help you in everything you do!… I’ve lived every single emotion in the book with tears in my eyes… Such a lovely way to write, God has given you such a lovely gift, congratulations!!… From poetry, Maria and Gabriel, all words are about wisdom… What I mostly enjoyed is actually the way you’re writing, the fact that you always put God first before science….and because of that, congratulations, you are so right!……. I’ve written to you from the bottom of my heart, because that’s what I felt I should tell you….I’m not touched by all books, yet I liked yours from the very first pages… So nicely thought, you have my congratulations for everything you do and for everything you are, my regards to you and I hope you have a lovely evening ahead. Gabriel is extremely sensitive, it has touched deeply in my soul.

Cătălina C: Superb! Written from one man’s soul for another man’s soul!

Elvira M: Congrats won’t keep you from starving. You are an extraordinary writer, showing real life situations in Gabriel novel. 

Elena O: I’ve read your books….I’ve enjoyed them quite a lot…looking forward to “The Anonymous“… Happy Holidays!! 

Gheorghita D: Color = light, word = light… Congratulations, dear professor – poet – writer – painter: VICTORITA DUTU, for your LIGHT CREATING existence! 

Tanta G: Good morning, my dear lady! I’ve managed to read the two interesting books. “The Anonymous” a meditation book on religion and indeed, there is not just  the Earth, but also one blue sky that is filled with so much freedom. “there is  ONE YOU”-I so much liked the poems –yes, there is this –You around which we all go round and round looking to God with faith and trust. My sincere congratulations and after holidays I shall also read the two novels. Thank you for the dedications and I wish you have all the strength in the world so that you can do your work, as well as much health and a serene day ahead! 

Hanea T: Good evening! I’m glad I’ve had the pleasure to read one of your books; I really enjoyed it. I wish you all the health in the world, peace of mind and lots of inspiration! Respectfully yours, Hanea Tinu. 

Mariana Vl: Good day, thank you so much, I’ve bought them all, I can wait for my friend in Romania to send them to me. Thank you and all the best to you!.

Mariana V: There’s no problem, I thank you for the kind caress you give us, the readers, by your wonderful lines. 

Monica Monica: Congratulations! I’ve read part of the books. I just love your writings, your novels. I love you! Monica! 

Florica B. on “Gabriel” novel: It’s a good book! 

Dragisa C. on the “Anonymous” book: Yes, indeed, I’ve started reading it. I like it. There’s so much truth within it. So many people have lost faith these days, I so much like the way you wish to bring these people back.

Elena U: I read all three of them… Gabriel..has impressed me in particular.. But they are all special…Thank you for having had the pleasure to receive them, with dedication and all…. Thank you for just being……Looking forward to getting…..ohers…. A lovely day ahead!

Gabi S: A book where thoughts are speaking and travelling to the Above…All these because in everything “There is One You” that is secret and wonderful in terms of love……thank you…. I sincerely recommend them….our library has already purchased them and enjoyed a lovely presentation …. From the bottom of one’s heart for the relevant readers… 

Voda I: I so much liked the two books. I shall purchase others as well, as part of those you have already written, or those you shall write in the future! All the best of luck!

Voda I: I watched your TV performance. You have been remarkable. Actually, just like your books, Gabriel and Maria. In them, I’ve seen a fine X – RAY of the society we live in as well as several life lessons based on teology, philosophy, psychology and not only that. All the best of luck ahead! Good day!

Isa G: Good day! My opinion is a very good one; a very interesting, religious book which makes you think, I so much enjoyed your own way of thinking! You have a calm and very comprehensive mind! Could I get the second volume of: “Gabriel“?

Mariana M: Thank you so much, Mrs. Victorita… I’ve bought your books… read them all… I was very happy, such lovely novels… looking forward to the next edition… thank you so much…Kisses. 

Ana P: “Gabriel” is almost finished. I like it so much, everything is so real, I know such type of situations, best of luck ahead !!!

Gheorghe A / Gil A: You manage in such a neat and lovely way for your poems to embody our own feelings. We who ask ourselves so many questions, so transfigured like in a dream, in a poem or in a story; whether we want it or not, we align to a reality that is more seducing, more poetical ….something like in a fairy tale, in a different organization of verses, yet one which is so pleasant for our souls! Such soothing verses! In a disciplinary form of the verses that you have created, it creates pleasant feelings even to those who are passers – by the poetry itself….Have a lovely evening ahead!

Maria B: You are also very talented in painting, as well as in writing and I believe you are also a very good scientist. I’m reading the novel “Maria” with so much interest. It’s all worthy! Please accept my entire love and appreciation!

Violeta C: Novels are so interesting… You just cannot get them off your hands… Verses are interesting…. one constant conversation with God… omnipresent… Special……… covers are made by the author, holding international awards for painting.

Paul-Pavel B: Good morning. My dear virtual friends, by reading the books written by Mrs. Victorita Dutu, you shall get into a world of human beauty, which should stand for the natural as far as we all are concerned. If it is like this or not, we shall discover it all soon enough, by reading. Pleasant reading to you all!

Pop C: Mrs. Dutu, let me congratulate you on your novel “Gabriel“. I just love your writing and one can see the knowledge, the philosophy that so beautifully springs out of your actions! I’ve only read a quarter of one volume, and I’m already charmed. Have a good night!

Paul-Pavel B: Good day! Reading the books written by Victorita Dutu, you get to have that tiny bit of Romanian feeling, that is so necessary these days, for each and every one of us!

Carmen P: Thank you Victorita! Good luck to you!

Pop C: You’re welcome! I’ve started reading and I feel I am about to have so many pleasant nights ahead in their company! Kisses to you!

Paul-Pavel B: The novels “GABRIEL” and “MARIA” shall be a pleasant reading for you. So many of you who shall read the books shall find yourselves in the novels written by Mrs. Victorita Dutu, with all the relevant dreams, aspirations and generally speaking, with everything that is human. Enjoy your reading!

Florin C: The less said, the better!” Thank you for just being, Victorita Dutu! I’ve just opened the book and I suddenly found myself in the lovely park Copou in the old Iasi fair!……

Elena C: I bought all three of them! They’re worth having in one’s own bookcase! So lovely! My dear Madam, best of luck ahead!

Paul-Pavel B: I’ve read two books (the two novels) and I found my youth again. I’ve relived it by reading these books. The joy of reading the two books is difficult to be stated in mere words. You shall definitely find it in the books.

Paul-Pavel B: They’re both worthy of reading. If you wish to meet again your youth together with its dreams, these novels stand for a good opportunity to do just that.

 Monik Monik: Good day, Mrs. Victorita… I’ve started reading Gabriel. Quite interesting!

Nadia M: I had finished my reading, and yet it seemed as if I wished I had read some more. The moments rendered by the novels written by Victorita Dutu, are pages of pure, non – cosmetic, essentially pure life. A true writer finds food for his soul in actually living the events. The author’s own feelings are the experiences we encounter in our own selves, which are valid in so many situations. The central character Maria, lives in a perfect relation with the transcendent, the central axis of her live being her faith in God, in honesty and in the natural walk of life. People need the sky as well as the light. The books Maria and Gabriel, must be read, and yet they must be felt, above all. Such a wide range of emotions lived in such unpleasant circumstances. These are novels of soul analysis, although apparently they give one the impression of an emotional instability, focusing on the entire range of human feelings. Sentences flow neatly, shaping up three egos, three characters, namely Maria, Rafael and Mihai. Maria, a talented painter is living the drama of her first love in college, with lots of passion and commitment. Mihai who in time shall become her husband, proves to be selfish, arrogant, an introvert in canons of hatred and disbelief. As a result of Maria’s love, a baby boy is born, namely Gabriel, this being such a painful dilemma, the child being innocent, yet bearing the sick sins of his own father. Failing to have an esophagus, Gabriel fights somewhere between life and death under the blunt look of his father. The despair and loneliness faced by Maria, alongside the frustruations given by her failure to succeed in her aspirations and in the plans of her soul, lead her to the verge of commiting suicide. Maria’s chance to redeem her soul is Rafael, an intimate, malleable character, who is the protector of moral laws. Rafael with his open character for arts and for the trust in God is the one who comes to offer a new chapter in Maria’s life, one which shall be full of light. Gabriel gets better and he also gets a baby sister. Everything is well which ends well. While being true and long – lasting, the love between Rafael and Maria is protecting in a holly and sincere way the road of their eternal life together. Reading the novels written by Victorita Dutu, which are pages of a stringent reality, you get to read about souls and destinies. If we, people, fail to get in harmony with the sky, with plenary love, with the road that starts and ends with such sky, we actually polarize sufferance. Have a shiny road on your bright road, Victorita Dutu!

Monik M: Thank you so much, my dear author Victorita Dutu. I’ve read the book ”Maria”, which I enjoyed a great deal. It’s an autobiography with various distinct life events, some of them less pleasant and some of them so nice……Please also send me the book –Gabriel at the same address and telephone number…And as for you, my friends, I suggest you read it so you find the sequel of the book. The same suggestion also goes for the book –Gabriel.

Monik M: Read Gabriel ! Why? It’s the sequel of.. the book Maria… I cannot tell you more.

Monik M: The volume Gabriel is highly suggestive.

Paul-Pavel B: Good evening. This is a must read for everyone who loves the Romanian genre. That’s how we get to detach ourselves for brief periods of time from the grey shade of our daily lives and we fill our soul with great joy.

Liliana Carmen S: In – between my daily chores, I shall find time to read the writings of Mrs. Victorita Dutu. May you be healthy and inspired!  Respectfully! Liliana.

Elena C: Good day! I already have these books! They are so lovely! Best of luck ahead!  

Delia B: Good day. The novel “Gabriel” has been worth reading. Best of luck ahead! Just like Khadra says: “Life with everything in it is just an alternative between lights and shadows”. It’s up to us what road we take. Have a lovely day! I hope more and more people shall discover your novels as well as the beauty lying within them.

Paul-Pavel B: Good day! Those who love beauty shall lose if they fail reading your books. In addition to the invitation to read, there is the beauty of the humane that people shall discover by reading.

Delia B: I’ve started reading Gabriel. I like it a lot. That’s a book worth reading. It’s an invitation for us to be better.

Dita Liviu: I expect you come up with a next volume!. You’ve got so much potential! And the faculties you have graduated add up. Best of  luck Victorita Dutu! May you be happy so that you can bring joy to our lives, to the people who read your books, that is to your readers.

Liviu D: Thanks to Victorita Dutu, we get to know ourselves and the soul within us… It’s not like I’m doing her any favor but I love her intelligence! That is..what has been printed!.

Nadia M: I got your books, Victorita ! Promising, plenary, lovely, as I’ve read so far! You are so meant to be writing! I’ll get back to you!

Gabriela S: Today I got the package with your books. I was very happy, so happy that tears came falling down my eyes when I read the dedications. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Until I got to “Maria” and “Gabriel” I stopped at “there is one you” and I was quite thrilled to read the poems where I could listen to the words of God in such lovely verses. Thank you for your generosity and wish you all the best in this world. Kind regards from Murighiol.

Valeria M: Dear Victoria, blessed be that day when we met online! I’ve finished reading the novel Gabriel, with the impression that I’m reading the moral reality philosophy of people, written by a modern Balzac. My sincere congratulations! Our love is the same, our thinking is similar”. Next is Maria! All the best wishes and good luck in everything you do! Ok now! Then I shall read the other two you have sent me. Gabriel has absolutely captivated me, I have inferred the end of the book from the very first half of it, I enjoyed it a great deal. After the waterfall of tears, there comes the so long wished for happiness! Absolutely gorgeous!

Paul-Pavel B: Maria! Just wonderful! I’m living the times when I was a student in Iasi, at the same time with your own characters in the story.

Gabi S: When you want something for your Mind and Soul you take no look at the Price. You simply decide to buy or not to buy. I’m happy I can purchase by a little help from Mrs. Victorita Dutu because she has to send them by Post –  cash on delivery in a locality from the Danube Delta – Thank you!

Marta R: You mean two volumes are 60 lei? I find it highly expensive …

Victoria Dutu: Yes, well I don’t know what to say. It’s the price of the book paper that should be my concern. When you buy a book you don’t only look at the paper, since a book is more than just the mere price of a printed paper, but it is the project within, the work of so many years that you go through in order to write it. You pay a writer for what he has written inside that book, otherwise you may get a simple piece of paper and just stare at it…. That one has a price, it’s true….yet what’s written in it is priceless…that is whatever you’re writing, the book itself, is not even worth the price of the paper……… the same goes for the paintings… that is …could a painting be worth only the material… is there no price for the beauty in it? The idea from the painting and your work for painting it are not even the price of the material of such painting? No no… I’m really sorry. For a book you have to pay both for the paper and for what’s written inside it; for a painting you get to pay for the material and also for the beauty of such painting. I don’t believe the beauty of a book is worth exactly as the paper of such book. Sincerely, Victorita. May you have lots of luck.

Obs: The idea is that one wishes to get everything for free.  If you steal a lollipop from Mega they call it a theft, if you wish to get the work of a writer for free? What’s that called? It’s still theft if you ask me, and what a theft it is!!!

Elena C : You’ve sent the novels to my place! They reached the destination! Including the poetry volume! My niece has read them!  Absolutely wonderful, all of them! Congratulations, Madam!

Elena Alexandrina C: I finished them both. Maria ..and.. Gabriel… I’ve been so impressed by the two codes of the body and soul….the rights we should consider all our lives….looking forward to other writings, regards….

Elena Alexandrina C: Good day… I’ve finished reading … everything.. I liked it a lot…. I already have some people whom I inform on our writers…

Paul-Pavel B: Wonderful (the novel Maria) just like the other novel as well: GABRIEL.

Daniela O: I’ve started ”Gabriel”, it took me a while to open it I was afraid of it not being something of the soap opera type of a book….and what do you know…surprise surprise! It has depth, and I’m so happy to have met such a valuable person! All my consideration to you!

Maria U: Thank  you Victoria, I’ve started reading the novel Maria. The beginning is quite nice and interesting.

Maria T: Thank you so much, I’ve already received the book MARIA, I can’t wait to read it! Best of luck ahead!

Leonica C: I bought the novel Maria, it is absolutely superb, I sincerely recommend it to you, my dear friends. I recommended the book to all my colleagues.

Maria U: Best of luck ahead Victorita … I enjoyed reading Gabriel a great deal. I wish to read Maria as well .


Maria V : I picked up the novel Maria from the post office. Thank you. I’ll start reading it very soon.

Paul-Pavel B: I shall enjoy reading it. Reading the novel Gabriel has enhanced my interest in this new novel.

Elena G: I’m currently reading “Gabriel“. Good luck ahead!. May you have a wonderful day!

Doina C: Congratulations for “Gabriel”! I’d like “Maria” as well !

Elena Alexandrina C:..It’s the flower of passion …in my garden…I gave it to the author….who puts so much passion…into writing these books………

Paul-Pavel B: Such a long time expected work. The novel Gabriel has confirmed our expectations.

Elena Alexandrina C: Just finished reading Gabriel. It’s really written with lots of passion… a passion which is focusing on the spirit…on kindness… true love…. truth… the essential elements of man… we are still capable of all these feelings….

Elena Alexandrina C:. Looking forward to…congratulations….already reading “Gabriel”

Elena P: Thank you. I like Gabriel. So nicely written. Congratulations. What’s nicely written is worth being praized. Beauty brings nothing but positive things in one’s life.

Paul-Pavel B: Good evening. I strongly recommend it each time I get the chance.

HERMINA A: I’ve read it.  That’s why I could appreciate it. Thank you and best of luck in everything you do!

Paul-Pavel B: Good evening. I strongly recommend the book “Gabriel”.

Irina G: I like the novel, I can recommend it to others as well! It’s a contemporary novel, I like the way the subject matter has been approached…

Maria U: Yes….. I’m so glad ….! It’s a very nice novel …You can buy it in good trust … the novel is quite good …

Ioana A: Already bought and…..pending reading….it’s a great novel, congratulations!

Minerva B: Thank you for the book, dear Mrs. Victorita Dutu, I read it in a bit!

Carmen S: Already purchased, read and enjoyed a great deal!

Paul-Pavel B: Bought it, read it and enjoyed it a lot, and that’s why I shall also recommend it to others.

Doina C: Good morning Mrs. Victorita! The novel is just great! Thank you!

Ana Maria N: Highly recommended. The best book I have ever read.  

Trandafir P: Hi there! Very interesting. Worth reading. Best of luck ahead. With all my respect and friendship. Didi

Angela B (reader): fragment from the book: Rafael’s thoughts: “There’s no way of saving oneself but that of healing, go on with God walking through life with serenity, because that’s how you should walk, that’s how God wishes things to happen to us, instead one fights a great deal with this tendency to hate, yet you don’t have any choice, you must fight it since hatred to the others is so strong and it springs out of the blue and it’s very difficult to get rid of it, to calm it down or to suppress it- “GABRIEL”-Victorita Dutu.

Liliana L: The novel “Gabriel” written by Victoria Dutu  has been translated in the US and published by AuthorHouse.

Liliana L : The novel is very interesting, precisely the reality of our days, thank you and best of luck ahead!

Victorita Dutu : Thank you so much. I’ve been writing and wish to write about us. About our own problems, about our sorrows and how we manage to solve them, to overcome them, by looking for the deepest strengths in our soul, heart and mind. My starting point have been real individuals both in the novel as well as in reality, they are strong characters who are winners and who don’t give up on their values, who remain vertical and who fight without making compromises and who eventually win. No matter how hard your life might be, you should never give up on what you are and what you can become. There’s nothing much more beautiful than life. There’s nothing much more beautiful in this life but the gift of God.

 Liliana L : It really is a great success, congratulations!

 Victorita Dutu: Thank you so much. This novel is the second volume of a series of eight volumes which bear the overall title of “The loneliness of the Father”. Each novel is independent, autonomous and each novel bears the name of the main character in the book.

Cristina F: On the novel “Gabriel” written by Victoria Dutu. What a wonderful book! Congratulations! I’ve read it without pausing, in a single night, and not because it’s easy, but because I just couldn’t pui it down. Now it’s in the family, for the others to read. Congratulations, looking forward to the next one. Thank you!

Doina C: Congratulations for the books! I’m reading the novel but I have also looked through the poetry book! Just wonderful!

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