The Voices


The Voices of The Statues

Voice 1– The trains was closed like the life of people. The trains are sleeping in peace like every useless thing.

Voice 2– But The people?

Freedom Statue– The people are free. They do what they wont in their  house.  Aren’t they the greatest lovers of freedom? Didn’t they make me a goddess? I am the deity who rules beyond the ocean. I am an image of what they cannot to be.

The Man– On the contrary, the people are free.

The Woman-I always thought I was free and could do absolutely anything I wanted.

The Man– Maybe you just believed. Freedom is for you just an act of faith. Today´s people are against it more than ever. We need clear evidence to believe. We need the science. We humans are everything. We decide what is good or evil. We say what is good and what is bad.

The Woman– We decide what is love and what is not love. And especially what is its consequence. In our life, after the illusion of love, there follows an ocean of loneliness bigger than the one in front of me. If you can imagine the earth still covered by water and the loneliness a great ocean then the loneliness covered the whole earth.

The Freedom – I am the goddess who rules the oceans and lands. From my height, everything can be seen to be free, but tonight it seems that I represent nothing.

Voice 2– It’s the night of the dark age of the mind.

The Freedom– I’m seized in the deepest corner of people’s souls. Especially now I am perceived as a huge and unknown fear.

Benjamin Franklin and Lincoln in choir – Do not rush to judge people’s freedom. It is the most valuable for them.

Lincoln – The Freedom is the greatest strength of the mind and their inner power. It is not in vain that you are the most valuable piece and you are placed on the highest pedestal to be seen to the ends of the earth.

Unknown voice– Now I am Covid and I walk on the streets in the form of a vibration and the streets become empty. But I once shouted 9:11.

Lincoln– I once heard your voice, too, on April 15, 1865. You are ruthless.

Unknown voice – Because of people’s freedom. They killed no one else. I never come alone and on my own initiative, unless I am invoked. You haven’t dealt with this in thirty years through your movies and games. Doesn’t your favorite movie character leave a graveyard behind?

Voice 1-It was a game, a virtual space!

Unknown voice-Why are you upset now if you have me in front of you. You have now what you shouted. Well, what if you even jokingly said my name?

Freedom – Don’t blame me. Your voice is not in my jurisdiction. I hover over people’s lives. I watch over their integrity.

Unknown voice– Well, those lost from too much freedom.

Freedom-I am a goddess of life not of death.

Unknown voice– In front of me you all leave the houses and hide. You are afraid of the absurdity of your own life. You haven’t said for a hundred years that life is absurd and that it comes from nowhere and goes nowhere. That everything came out of nowhere and goes back to nothing. Why do you want to live man and woman? You, who are the Man and the Woman!

The Man and the Woman in the Choir-We fear your voice and you have put the fear of death into us.

Unknown voice-Shall I repeat the numbers 9-11? Now I have another shape. Have you not said many times that life is meaningless? Haven’t you said the word depression too many times !?

The man– I just said. Only words!

Woman-But I never believed that. Life will go on on this earth regardless of your blind strength which manifests itself in different ways. And you only act in certain moments of historical time.

The unknown voice-You make me history, I am more present in the world now than you can imagine.

Freedom – You do not have the power to exist as long as people have the freedom to fight against you.

Unknown voice – I’m not accusing you. But I would like to ask the two of you. If you like life, what about your without-content sexuality? It is the most handy pleasure you have. Maybe unique. But did you know that this pleasure is only that of slaves? The mystery of life placed in you both has become perhaps dead at every moment. Am I guilty or do I blame you for living with me for so long and only now do you see me? You have always covered me with the garment of freedom in which you have clothed yourself, but it is not its garment, it is a garment that you have made yourself in its name.

Freedom – You have no right to judge them.

The Unknown Voice — Not even those who have had me as an ally throughout history? They were with you, they are in your homeland. Freedom!

Voice1- I am the voice of empty cities and streets. Trains that sound empty now but will be as full as they were in the past. The future is the better mirror of the past.

Voice 2– Leave here and let our cities and lands and mountains live in freedom. We will defeat you as we have always defeated you.

Unknown voice-I am absurd. I am the absurd itself! I’m meaningless. I’m the last form of your thinking. I am an abstraction many times. And yet I exist. The nightmare in your movies has become your life, it’s real.

Voice 2– Leave and let our houses be filled with the joy of hope, mercy and the victory of love.

Lincoln– Even though I shook hands with you, I’m in a country you don’t have access to. If you look at people’s eyes, they know who I am. They will never forget my words that became laws.

Slave – I know what freedom is because of you. But you died for me, so that I might be free.

All voices at once to the slave-You are not allowed to speak. You are an entity of the past. You are history and story. The world do not meet again in your slave life.

Freedom-You have become a citizen of my land. You are the man of another time who made a future for yourself in your own home. You were glad you were able to share the bread with yours. Maybe many should thank you because thanks to you things have been able to evolve. You were the slave who made the bread of many even if it reached them in any form of sale.

Lincoln– You see you’re in total error. What you say would certify slavery and lack of freedom. See that the new ordinances do not hear you, for I alone have not heard the hour of death in vain.

Freedom – I give him a merit. They are the ones who worked and built palaces, stone and iron roads, orchards, holds and through their work they changed the face of the earth.

Lincoln– You talk like it’s normal for this to happen.

Franklin – That should never happen again.

Slave-I still live, my way of life has taken on a new look but I still am. Even though I have a different name and I have other clothes.

Freedom – If you have accepted your own condition! It’s not my fault, you had to do something to get out of slavery.

Franklin- Is science for man or man for science? Is the law for man or is the man for the law? How does this reconcile with freedom? What you say?

Freedom – When I look at the empty streets of the night I would say that I can no longer exist in the cities of the world because the law has constrained the natural course of things.

Voice 2-That’s because you define yourself as just a reality of cities and countries. But why don’t you listen to the mysterious voice of the heart? Do you think it would be a swan’s voice now?

Freedom – I have the power to rule hearts, minds and peoples and countries. It is said of me that by my strength I can create this nation again from my own ashes. You will see how my voice will be heard.

Voice 2-You are in the consciousness of the peoples still alive and you believe that independence is the only form of manifestation of freedom. Look, now it’s something else, another challenge of ours.

The man and the woman in the choir-We want to live.

Voice 2-You are together now and it seems that you want to love each other, that is, to live the mystery of love beyond the earth, beyond life and death.

Slave-I am the slave metamorphosed into the voice of love. I have no place in your statues. I live hidden and I can’t be close to people because I’m always kicked out and in my place is someone else who takes my forms and when I want to enter the place that is mine someone else sends me out to roam the empty streets. I am now called to enter the house again, but where can I go because only one call calls me to enter and another call drives me away. We are always back and forth from the past to the future and from the future to the past and I always play around the empty streets in the present.

Freedom– But who dances in the street? I see traces of dancing in the dark, as if these shadows were coming from somewhere in the night, and as if I dreamed that I could look again at people’s words and deeds. Now I’m just an abstraction.

Voice 1– What strange shadows fall on me. From above you see a man dancing. I only see raindrops in the night that come to wash the streets and in the spotlight the woman and the man want to touch each other and they can’t in their dance and they just spin around without touching each other. It is just an absurd course of feelings lived in fear of new suffering. They come towards each other and move away again. Something calls them and something rejects them. It’s a game of endless loneliness and it’s a dance of without peace music.

Lincoln- Who uttered the word peace? It is only in the treaties. In those places where only judges can enter but the peoples will always wage war during peace and peace during war.

Franklin– You have the science that can show you the way to peace and salvation.

Freedom – But people have chosen not to follow you. You loved the peoples beyond the ocean.

The woman-Even my country or neighboring countries.

Franklin– What good is science if not for the good of all mankind? That’s what I worked for and lived all my life.

Voice 2– But science without human love has covid in it.

Unknown voice-Atomic bomb. Ground rockets …. Biology … I like this word of the living bomb that eats everything that is alive and is part of man, like locusts that melt living grass.

Voice 1– That would be a curse on us for the children who died before they were born, even for those whom we did not allow to be born by perverting the principle of life in us.

Freedom – But this thing is also an abstraction.

Voice 2– If you have stone eyes!

Voice 1 – Their blood is shouting in Abel’s thunderous voice at us. It is said that an old and foolish priest heard this cry full of lost life and since then he is beside oneself and mad. I have seen him many times walking alone and lying on my sun-scorched streets like in the desert, that people have disappeared.

Freedom – Stupid. A superstition that opposes any form of manifestation of my freedom at any time.

Voice 1-Subscribe.

The unknown voice – That is, people have taken it upon themselves to decide who lives and who dies. They wanted to use my strength. So look. I became something so small and invisible. A breakdown in your biology. I can pronounce more numbers. 1918.

Freedom – Shut up. If you talk a lot, I’ll get off the pedestal and come after you.

Unknown voice– Come on. Let me see you come to me without dying. You don’t even see me and you don’t know where I am. I’m like the wind, you can’t stop me.

Voice 2– You never thanked for your life. Hey, you people! How many times have you disliked flirting with suicide? Now look at what’s on the street. Would you like to thank someone for being you?

Voice 1-You are the freedom of people, their most precious dream. If people no longer see you on the pedestal, they will no longer believe in themselves. They still think they’re free.

Franklin – If science brings lives to its knees then it is no longer science, it has fallen out of its order. You have too many times passed your deads to collateral losses. You wanted to hide their faces in statistics. Because you were afraid of people’s faces, for that you took out faces of people from art.

Columbus– Ha, ha, ha … Picasso … who broke his face into many pieces and put his nose behind two eyes. Then he said that a point in a rectangle is the invisible face of man.

Voice 1– You shut up with your egg in your pocket. You wanted to discover something and you didn’t even know what you discovered.

Columbus– I have told you countless times that the earth is round. And today you behave as if it were flat.

Lincoln – You have destroyed all the concepts of the revolution, you are again slaves in your own house and you look confidently at the statue of freedom that calls you to it from the black night of history.

Franklin-Maybe your science is very little. Or you have done something bad to humanity in you and this evil has sent you a sign of death that is beginning to turn what you called good into even more evil. It takes even more science. But science is for man and not man is for science. Science is not beyond good and evil. Science is only for good. This is how I worked for my own good, which became even better in the historicity of my word.

Columbus – I have taken the civilization of Europe to new lands.

Voice 1- Hey, leave the joke, this thing is old. We are now looking from other heights.

Unknown voice-I love chaos and anarchy. I like to drive in fear. I like people to obey those I choose as leaders and leaders of the world.

Washington – You can’t do this indefinitely. For a while, you will be silenced.

Unknown voice – Not in the hidden torture chambers. These aren’t on TV because they drive people crazy. I have another name there.

Voice 1– There is no one left to work in the big industries, they are the surest source of profit.

Slave – That is, it is the new form of slavery in which I live.

Voice 1– I think you’re exaggerating. You have a house of your own, a salary, you can have holidays. It’s only three weeks a year and you work permanently on the internet platform. But you are a free man, you have everything you want.

The Slave-I have no love.

Columbus – The human soul is different. Fewer and fewer are capable of high feelings. It seems we both have no power to argue with them. Living is complicated, it goes beyond the experiment. And it doesn’t bring money. Your brain goes crazy when you are in love and you suffer. And you don’t sit on the pedestal, even though you and your brothers once made pyramids. You do not recognize this merit because of the old and new order. We rely on a reality in man that is not only seen, felt, lived. We can’t fight them. We just need to have the strength to resist the shame of being the ones with the soul and heart during the greatest time of technology but the one that provided the night of the mind.

The slave – In front of the voices of the street in full manifestation of freedom, the scientist is with his head bowed and sprinkled with shame.

Columbus– It’s like Seneca in front of Nero.

Franklin – We are in the age of the greatest scientific discoveries and man lives like a semi-illiterate.

Voice 1– It’s not my problem. It is an option of choice. Everyone is free to do what they want with their time. It doesn’t concern me if instead of being passionate about knowledge, he breaks cans.

Unknown voice – At different times and interests, my name changes. In fact, I’m a sure voice screaming into nothingness. You are the ones who give me different appearances and use me to reach the highest forms of power.

Washington-Because some live under the illusion that they are immortal but they are not. You cannot be free unless you belong to the broad sphere of universal laws that the world has discovered over time. You are free if you respect the law which is one for all regardless of coordinates.

Columbus– Number ten.


Freedom – The true evolution of the world is when you replace the laws that you call universal with new ones, namely with the current ones, even if you violate the old, so-called universal ones. Or keep from them only what suits you.

FRANKLIN– It’s your experiment. I’m staying out of this.

Lincoln- Do not relativize the universal law of man. Do not overturn the values. They are the axioms of existence.

Washington– You’ll see.

Franklin – It’s true that there is another form of love and life, according to my parents, but I don’t want to talk here, that another war is starting. You will shoot with darkness at me instead of bullets.

Voice 1– Yes. Churches, synagogues, mosques are empty and full of darkness.

Franklin -The monks are praying.

Slave– I bring you their voice. It’s the cry of the empty wild of love. The love is in chains now in the deepest cellars of history.

Voice two – It’s not true. For love to come to you, it must be desired according to its universal laws. She cannot live in the dark and mutilated by the conventional laws of compromise.

Voice 1-You always accuse me of walking in the shadows. I like shadows because they change. I like to admire the shadows. Do you still remember the ancient cave? I was looking at the shadows left by the fires of reality behind me, and I could not turn to look at the light. That’s why I was so fascinated by shadows. Them were my only truths.

Lincoln- From this shadow began slavery and it seems that now shadows are everywhere. Slaves are also those who tell the truth but also those who deny it.

Voice 2-You’ve reached moment zero. You can no longer look back because you feel like crying, and you can no longer look forward because you are afraid of the future.

Washington – We fought a war in the name of freedom and we were not afraid of death.

The Woman– Our mothers weep for hundreds of thousands of years after their children died in wars. You wrapped the boys in iron clothes and did not see the tear slipping from under them and shining in the sun. Our young people were in love, our young people wanted to live and love. Our young people had the secret of life in their desire for freedom and love.

Voice 2– Your boys today want to change their bodies with your medical science. The scientists tell you that this leads to disease, that it is not healthy, moral, ethical. But you step on their necks every day and they leave their foreheads to come in your face. And other scientists are considering themselves beyond good and evil.

The Unknown Voice — They’re just guinea pigs, and some.

Columbus- They call truth the deepest state of ignorance.

Voice 1– You shut up, your friend is the slave next to you.

Columbus – I’m alone, there’s no one by my side.

The Slave – I’m alone too. We don’t have each other. Only the voices unite. Our seats are separate. We all talk like in a tunnel.

The man- Don’t tie yourself to me.

Freedom – You have attacked humanity’s freedom. You violated the human rights declaration. We will judge you and imprison you in our prisons.

Voice 2-Are you taking my freedom from the future !?

Freedom – Some people do not deserve to be free because they do not know what to do with their freedom.

Voice 2– And who makes this choice?

Freedom – The laws they created in my name. The law is above man.

Franklin -No. Science is the same as love. Science has in it many forms of life of what we call man. Science is for the good of man.

Freedom – I, in the name of my global power to rule the world and peoples, decide what is good and what is bad. I can reinvent myself the way I want because I’m free.

Franklin– Even if you break the law of humanity at all times.

Freedom-Law of Humanity is me. And if you want to know, this humanity can also be redefined. We can decide who is human and who is not human.

Linkoln- That could be worse than slavery. I don’t think I died in vain. Or the murder weapon has been shining in the sun since you declared me immortal.

The unknown voice – Hitler is my master and I control Hitler.

Slave– Stalin!

Washington-Hitler has other masters now who were born fixed in his brain. He set himself on fire, but others came out of the ashes of his bones with the desire for freedom. In your name Freedom they want to do what they want.

Freedom – I don’t recognize them. They’re not mine.

The unknown voice – Stalin.

Voice 2-Yes, they have certificates of liberty that they will give to people. You are forged again while you are enthroned in the stillness of the stone that can be seen from afar, from near and from television.

Slave-From the internet.

Voice 2– You are the god of humanity today. Why are you dodging and just pretending to be you. You’ve taken so many forms of freedom so far that we don’t even know them.

The man and the woman in the choir-We don’t want to die.

Unknown voice – Your world must disappear and must be replaced by another. Science will take us beyond good and evil.

Voice 2– From here begins the first illusion of freedom. Do whatever you want and the voice that keeps repeating numbers, a sign that it removes your watches, will whisper in your ear that everything is absurd.

Unknown voice – War!

Lincoln- But who are you? A judge? To throw our own failure at us. I mean, everything I did was in vain? Do you live another slavery today and you want to say that my slavery was better, that the masters fed their slaves like cattle and today’s slaves are masterless and do not even have food?

Slave– Genetically modified tomatoes, laboratory meat. We don’t know what we eat.

Franklin – We have been a necessary stage of evolution for all of humanity. You have a duty to the future to work in my spirit. Put in the principle of evolution the care for man who comes from love, not from glory.

Voice 1– My people love glory as the only purpose in life and the last reason to exist.

Slave-Love is sex, it’s just a pleasure, it’s just a moment. People want to take advantage of this moment to prolong it, to be an hour, a day, a life. People confuse the small part with the big part and look with their eyes injected with unsatisfied pleasure at the statue of freedom, but it is made of stone.

Man and Woman – We can confirm that this is how the slave says.

Woman – We confess this mistake but it is our only way of life, we do not know another.

The man- We know, but we can’t get out of this vicious circle. It’s a global state.

The woman– I lost my father. We don’t know how to get back to him and find him.

Man-We would like to eat pork chops, we have no choice.

Woman– Don’t say everything, please.

Man– I’ve always felt like I’m in a faraway country and I want to go home. I’m home and I’m not home and I’ve worked hard to have it.

Woman-We are both alone in our own house.

Man-We live in different houses. What do you want?

Franklin– With so much science have you moved away from the human soul, from his inner happiness, and do you feel so alien to each other?

Columbus– They took full advantage of the spirit of adventure. I stopped at the lands I discovered and lived there happily, but they don’t want to stop. They want even more speed in such a short life! Because of the speed among the trees, I can no longer see the forest or the trees or the sky above their tops.

The Slave-Sky became a blue paint and the flowering tree a plastic object. They took the forest with them and keep it in pictures.

Franklin-Watch the war descend on people’s homes and grin at them from the window while all the churches, synagogues, temples and mosques are empty. Not that they were full until now and that you cared.

Voice 2-But where do I baptize myself with light?

Freedom – I knew there was only freedom in the houses. Everyone does whatever they want.

The slave to Columbus slowly– And he does not see that he has stone eyes.

Columbus– We’ll be ridiculed again if we talk about the soul.

Unknown voice-But isn’t there love in people’s homes?

The slave – With love they did as they did with the forest. I keep it in pictures, in faded images from distant times. How long can those images last?

Columbus– Until they get lost!

Man and Woman – We testify that this is not the case. It’s an exaggeration.

Voice 1-It’s not true, it’s not love, until yesterday everyone had their lover. I kept the secret day and night walks in the palm of my streets. You really liked hiding. And that’s because you were free. I watched you silently as you passed through my shadows.

The Slave – You see that I am now the love you sent in the slave age.

Voice 2– Love is human dignity itself, not the servant with eyes weeping with pain.

Voice 1-What do I care about this anomaly of the person. We have individuals. Social justice and

political truth. What are you talking about love to me. Talk to me about freedom.

The slave- That is, love and the person together are a flower crushed by a boot?

Voice two-Our children live without a father or a mother, some are orphans and this in the name of freedom that has stone eyes and we believe that this god can see far. Our children cry because they want to live in the embrace between mother and father as they were born from the mystery of love and life between mother and father. Some cannot pronounce the word mother. Others cannot pronounce the word father.

Voice 1-Shut up, this is just a statistic. The statistics lie. It does not reflect truth and reality.

Woman and Man-We always fought to be the first.

The slave – And what was the result?

Woman and Man – No one wants to be in second place and we always fight like war.

The Unknown Voice — I adore this word in all its forms of manifestation. And to say that man is not a microcosm in the macrocosm?!

Franklin– What did you do with science? Why did you take it into the realm of the wilderness of the human soul?

Voice 1 -Shut up, don’t talk about my soul. There is no such thing!

The Unknown Voice – It’s much simpler to explain how absurd I am that I exist and that I can exist even in your words disguised as scientific truth.

The slave – Mephistopheles!

Columbus – Mephistopheles is the real man, stay calm.

Franklin – Let’s knock on the doors of empty churches. Another time it was war and now everything is empty.

The Slave – Because they turned the spirit into a building as they confused love with a ring.

Voice 1– I like my body, I adore it. I like the gods of Egypt. I really like the expression -beautiful as a god. I like this modern deity, my own body, which I want to prolong as much as I can in history and to make it eternal even by mummification if otherwise it is not possible.

Unknown voice – See that you do not understand the secrets of death at all. You were still deluded. I came to this dialogue to remind you that you are mortal.

Voice 1– And what if, I don’t care!

Voice 2-If you want to understand life you have to start from the fact that we all die. Why? The luckiest are the ones who die a good death.

Franklin – Because all people are mortal, even Socrates.

Unknown voice-The glass with the hemlock.

Man– I love life and I have so many things to do!

Freedom – I see in the dark how some people carry as many dead as possible in common graves and this on the entire planet. I can see from above, as if I were an alien satellite! I am silenced. And I who thought I was universal.

The slave – Only some are free but there comes a time when they can no longer be.

Freedom-Some even consider me guilty, that everything is because of me, that I ruled the world and that too much freedom happened.

Franklin – From too little science. Knowledge directed towards the good of man must come first. The truth will set us free. But knowing him is not a free act. Columbia University is empty, only a few researchers looking for salvation.

The woman – I am the life.

The man – I’m the life, too. The woman and the life force and the man’s intelligence will win. Not everyone will die.

Voice 2-You have to be inspired to find the solution. Maybe you have to follow a certain law in order to receive the inspiration and that intuition that brings salvation. Do you think the discovery of an idea comes from nowhere?

Slave – No one is concerned about the idea of ​​this position anymore. Everyone thinks they can save themselves. I am a slave and the reality is cruel to me. Maybe I’m the only one who can testify that I can’t save myself from slavery by myself.

Columbus-Red Sea.

Voice 2– Where do people go after they die? You raven, you smell the air, get out of here. You have nothing to look for on the horizon of these ideas. Your time is up.

Raven-I want to listen to you to the end. What you say is more absurd than the absurdity of where I come from. I’m not leaving no matter how much you drive me away. I stand by you to show you that at any time my world could be reborn from too much of your freedom without law.

The slave – The tree stopped.

Freedom – All my fruits are food. I urge you to taste even the ones that are most beautifully packaged, they are for you, they are proof of your freedom.

Voice 1-Some say they can save themselves because they look at their deities. Others that they become like the wind. But I believe, I believe with all my heart that everything is here on earth and nothing follows after that and we have to be happy and do everything we want here and everything that comes to mind.

Freedom – Don’t blame me for bringing suffering to the man or woman next to you in the name of freedom of thought, movement, action and expression.

Lincoln – In your name, freedom, they voted laws against man.

Slave– Yes, that’s right, I’m a living proof of this principle.

Lincoln- The planet is breathing and there is fresh air in the streets.

Franklin – Earth vibration works at normal parameters. Only the planet’s waters sound miserable from too much waste.

Unknown voice-I’m a virus born of misery I’m told. From the mess on the planet. I was also born from the union of man and animal. That’s what I’m told. I was allowed to choose who lives and who dies.

George Washington– If we have healthy bodies we don’t die. If we have a good lifestyle and a strong mind we do not die.

Franklin-I believe in the power of science. The people will discover that the science is for man and not man for it, man cannot be a guinea pig for its evolution.

Slave – Nuclear war, experiments on people, but with their consent of course, signs a letter before.

Franklin – Maybe people will find out more than ever that man comes first and not the other way around. And then I will no longer see cannons fired from the windows of temples, churches, synagogues and mosques collapsing on each other.

Voice 2-Franklin, tell us about your father. About the secret of his life and how his life was. Maybe we’ll start over with life again.

Slave- I miss Dad. One can live on earth only in the love of the Father, as Franklin’s father knew, and we have lost this sign.

Voice two– I am the child who has not yet been born but I announce to you the dawn of the morning, that I will be born soon and I will always live in the place between the two hearts, in the embrace between mother and father. It is a form of endless trinity. In it is the resemblance we seek in the light.

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