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Hello. I’m Victoria Dutu, the writer.

I invite you to read the novel “Lights of Love,” inspired by a real case. A painter, she meets the love of her life in Paris. The action of the book is in this city of love. It is a novel about music, and he is a pianist and art. It is a creation based on the aesthetic principle of beauty and praise for pure love and faith in God. We live in today’s troubled times when nothing seems to have value and meaning. But we must continue to believe in the ideal in our soul and follow it.

I have three more novels and ten other books of philosophical, religious meditation, poetry, and self-motivational dialogue of several inner selves and 37 Art Albums with paintings created by me. All my books are published on Amazon.

Search the internet for VICTORIA DUTU to see all the activity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your appreciation and friendship, and support.


For me, it is very important to live in the world of my books, and after that, I am able to write my book. For example, the novel Mary is a book inspired by reality, but my fascination is the world of mind and soul, and feelings.

I have on Amazon 4 novels and other books, poetry, short story, and Art Albums with my artworks, Lights of love, Mary, The call of the Bells, and Gabriel.

Three novels, MARY, GABRIEL, and The Call of the Bells, are the only big novel The Father of Love.

Life is very complex but important to go in a good life and never give up.

My characters are complex because the universe of soul, mind, and heart is complex and unique, and unknown.

And the books have revealed this universe.

My books are centered on the inner world, not only on exterior life.

The Father of Love is ready for purchase.

Check it out.

Being young at the soul level is the most beautiful state.
Novel Mary is ready for purchase. I invite you to read this novel created by me, Victoria Dutu. All my books are published on Amazon.

Take a copy directly from Amazon. “Mary” is a novel about first love when youth is eternal, and all dreams are possible. It is a novel of purity, joy, and love.
Many thanks for your appreciation and support.

My Artwork and my interview in this video.
The International Art Exhibition of MEGA ART at STUDIO D’ARTE LARKINA LORETA – 8/15 July 2022, Venice. An event by MEGA ART GALLERY

I invite you to listen to this video in which I talk about the painting The Light of the Soul exhibited in Venice, at the Lareta Markita Studio, an international exhibition organized by the Mega Art Gallery in Rome, between July 8-15, 2022. Subscribe. Thank you. #VictoriaDutu

I received an award at the Sacred Art Festival in Compiegne, France

Lauréats 2021 – le Festival d’Art sacré de Compiègne, prochaine édition du 6 au 12 décembre 2021 (

Contact- Telefon&WhatsApp- 0040740279908 / / 

Hi. I am Victoria Dutu. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your appreciation and friendship. I invite you to read a book created by me, visit my Author page on Amazon and my YouTube channel. I attended the Miami Book Fair in the United States in 2018 with my books translated into English, and I won the “Prix Géant des Beaux-Arts” at the Sacred Art Festival in France in December 2021. I am an Author, a painter, and a teacher. All my books are published on Amazon and all my paintings are here. On Amazon I published 37 Art Albums with my artworks. Go and see them.  
Get my copy now directly from Amazon. Thank you.


Victoria Dutu books on Amazon


Here I discuss my novel Gabriel at This week in America with Ric Bratton. Vizite my YouTube chanel an subsctibe.

Victoria Dutu and the novel Gabriel at This Week in America with Ric Bratton – YouTube

VICTORIA DUTU – About my books
 My books are about the universe of soul and mind. I am fascinated by this unknown world of my own soul, and my novel has powerful characters that never give up in front of all problems that come in our life. The main characters in my novel Gabriel are Maria and Rafael that are moral people because I am fascinated by the moral values of our life. This novel is about the power of man and faith in yourself, the universal good, and God. With this power, we can be strong and become a winner in our life.

I created books and paintings. I had exhibitions in New York, London, Oxford, Paris, U.S, Europe, and Romania. I published books and Art Albums on Amazon, U.S, and Romania.

My books and paintings are beautiful, intelligent, and spiritual.

If you want to have a painting created by me, you can pay by bank transfer or Pay Pal (, and I will send you my painting.

*** The novel “Lights of Love” by VICTORIA DUTU is on Amazon for purchase.
This book is a novel of love inspired by a real case. It is a novel of love for music and art. The main characters are a pianist, HE, and a painter, SHE, named “winners.” All this action takes place in Paris, the city of love…

*** About the novel Gabriel by Victoria Dutu
The “Gabriel” is a novel of love and not only inspired by the real-life of our time, with powerful characters who conquer the hardships of life. It is about the power of man and moral values.

**** “ANONYMOUS” is a philosophical-religious reflection book.
It’s a meditation book. A dialogue of many inner thoughts. It’s a diligent book with yourself, in which the main character is the inner thought. A self-motivation and self-development book.
A Book of Thought Towards God.
It is an author’s book that supports and believes in the perennial values of Christian

**** “Ilynca” is a short story

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