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Victorita Dutu is a graduate of Faculty of Mathematics, 1995, and Faculty of Philosophy, 1999, of “Al. Ioan Cuza ” University in Iasi. She is a tenured Mathematics teacher at the Traian High School in Bucharest. She won poetry awards and had painting exhibitions all over the country and abroad. In Mathematics, she is passionate about Infinite-Dimensional Spaces. She published English books in America. She published Romanian and English books on Amazon.

Victoria Dutu has a group exhibition all April 2020 at New York ArtFair with the New York Art Center Gallery, curator David De Hannay

Victoria Dutu will take part in the Festival of sacred art in France which will take place in April 2020, in the cathedral of Saint Peter the Apostle in the city of Senlis near Paris.

Author VICTORIA DUTU Takes Gabriel At The Miami Book Fair 2018, MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES

*Ambassador of Peace, within the International Peace Organization since January 8, 2011. *Honorary Member of Maison Naaman pour la Culture – Lebanon, as well as of several poetry societies from various countries. She exhibited at New York Artexpo Pier 94, one of the world’s largest art fairs, in 2015, at the Oxford International Art Fair 2015, at the Brick Lane Gallery in London, in Vienna, Austria, at Time Gallery, in 2014, at Chouzy-sur-Cisse, in the heart of France, at the “Matra” musée and the “Jacques-Thyraud” Library, in 2014. She also exhibited in Sanremo, Italy, during the Festival, at the “La Bonbonnire” Gallery, in 2013, in Poland and Switzerland, in 2007.


Personal information


Date of birth : August 1971

Telephone : mobile : 0740-279-908

WEB :   www.victoriadutu.com



E – mail:                     victoritadutu@yahoo.com


+4 0740. 279. 908

Victorita Dutu is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Philosophy. She has won prizes for poetry and art in her country and inabroad. She realized painting exhibition. She exhibited at New York Art Fair, Miami,  Carroussel Louvre Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Cannes, Artexpo New York , Oxford , London , Vienna, Chouzy-sur-Cisse, central France, Sanremo, Italy, during the Festival, Poland and Switzerland, Romania.


Education and training:

  • 2011, 2012 – the summer course of lectures at the Philosophy Higher School, intitled Philosophy, Science, Religion, from the University in Bucharest
  • 1998 – Master in Logic and Hermeneutics
  • 1994 – 1998 The Faculty of Philosophy from The University “Al. I. Cuza” Iaşi
  • 1990 – 1995 The Faculty of Mathematics from The University “Al. I. Cuza” Iaşi

Work experience :

  • Ambassador of Peace, member of the society The Universal Circle of the Ambassadors of Peace” ;


  • Member of “World Poetry  Movement”, literary society


  • Member of “World Poets Society”, literary society of the contemporary poets of the world, comprising 105 countries


  • Honorific member of “Maison Naaman pour la Culture”


  • Member of the international poetry society “Poetas del Mundo”


  • Producer of the broadcast “You think, then you are” at the TVRM Television 2008-2011 and since 2012 “PREUNIVERSITARIA”
  • From 2000 up to now – mathematics teacher at Colegiul Tehnic “Traian”,sector 2, Bucharest
  • Since January 2014 is the editor of “Learn and win” at http://www.radiotvunirea.com

Personal skills and competences:

  • Mother tongue : Romanian
  • Other languages : English





Victoria Dutu has a group exhibition all April 2020 at New York ArtFair with the New York Art Center Gallery, curator David De Hannay

Victoria Dutu will take part in the Festival of sacred art in France which will take place in April 2020, in the cathedral of Saint Peter the Apostle in the city of Senlis near Paris.


Victoria Dutu publishes the novel “LUMINILE DRAGOSTEI” in Romanian and English “LIGHTS OF LOVE” on Amazon and in Bucharest.

“INTRE TOACA SI CLOPOT” in Romanian and in English “THE SOUNDS OF THE BELLS” on Amazon and in Bucharest.The book is a dialogue between science, philosophy, life and love for the neighbor, the world and God.


Victoria Dutu attends the Book Fair at MIAMI Florida USA, November 16-18, 2018, with the novel “Gabriel” in English, with ten other books translated into English and with a small picture exhibition, with the works used as covers on their own. books.

Victoria Dutu publishes in June 2018 the short prose book “Ilynca”, in English at AMAZON

Victoria Dutu publishes in June 2018 the book of philosophical-religious meditation in English at AMAZON “Anonymous”


-Victoria Dutu publishes in June 2017 the short prose book “Ilinca”

– Exhibited at Paris Louvre Carousel

-Published in November 2017 the book of philosophical-religious meditation “Anonymous”

-Published in June 2017 the novel “Maria”, in Romanian.

– Publication in the United States of America at “AuthorHouse” “THERE IS A YOU” – volume of English poetry with 25 paintings by the author. July 2017

-Sublishes in the United States of America on “AuthorHouse” “POWDER OF LOVE” – a volume of English poetry with 25 paintings by the author. May 2017


  • Victoria Dutu was awarded “Sandro Botticelli” Art in Florence, Italy; September 2016
  • Victoria Dutu was awarded “Casanova Art” in Venice, at Flangini Palace, the  Cultural Center of Venice, Italy; September  2016
  • Victoria Dutu exhibited in Rome at the Domus Via Quattro Fontane Romanian Art Gallery, the exhibition ArtExpo Summer International Rome, between 2 to 16 June 2016. http://www.artintheworld.net/
  • Victoria Dutu Exposed Biennale arts in Cannes during the Film Festival. 18-19 May 2016 Hotel J.W. Mariotte, MAMAG organized by the Modern Art Museum, curator Heinz Playner. www.mamag-museum.com


  • She has exhibited at the New York Art Expo Fair, 94 Pier Street, one of the largest art fairs in the world, with the International Agency for arts Basak Malone, April 23-26, 2015 picture from the series “The blue Sfers” ,
  •  Exhibition at “Oxford International Art Fair 2015,” 6 – 8 February.
  • Painting exhibition at the Museum of Young Art Vienna, within the “Add to Address Book” lead by Mirela Trăistaru project under ICR Vienna, Austria, 16 December 2014-15 January 2015.


  • Exhibition VIENNA, at “Time” Gallery-“Blue Symphony of Angels”, in the period 28 April to 9 May 2014, http://www.galerie-time.at/
  • The Group EXHIBITION Artec Salon FRANCE, The Matra Museum April 2 to 14 and The library Jacques-Thyraud from 8 to 26 April, Chouzy/Cisse, the centrum of  France. http://www.artec-artmondial.fr
  • Participation Grimberg Action House and Radisson Blue Hotel, 15-24 february, Rmania, Bucharest, 2014


  • Painting exhibition 12-17  2013  february at Art Gallery “La Bombonniere”, during The Sanremo Festival, Italy.


  • Painting exhibition, 2 – 8 November, at the church Saint Nicolas from Câmpina,  followed by an evening of music, poetry and painting (on Sunday 12th November at 5 p.m.) – Victorita Dutu and Ioana Sandu, having the theme „God’s work”;
  • Painting exhibition having the theme „ The Power of Image” and launch of a book  at The Cultural Centre „Carmen Silva” , between the 22 nd of October and the 24th of November 2012;
  • Painting exhibition at The Theology Higher School „Iustin Patriarhul” from Bucharest (on the 18th of October on the occasion of a cultural evening dedicated to the writer Mircea Vulcănescu, in the lecture room „Father Dumitru Stăniloaie”;
  • Painting exhibition at the Center for Recreating Activities and Occupationnal Innovation,39, J.L. Calderon Street, Bucharest, between the 26th of September and the 16th of October, on the occasion of a meeting of The World Poetry Movement (WPM), having the theme „The Changing of the World through Culture;
  • Painting exhibition having the theme „ The Image – Knowledge and Evolution through Jesus Christ”- at the  Philosophy Higher School, as part of the summer course of lectures – Science, Religion and Philosophy, 3 – 7 September;
  •  Special Prize at The International Contest of Painting „Art and Life”- Japonia;
  • Participation in The International Festival of Poetry “Spring of the Poets” as a organizer and moderator and reads from her own poetry;
  • Participation at Concours Europoésie and obtains “Le Diplôme de la Francophonie” – Paris, France;


  • Participation in the international festival “The Art To Be Human”, festival of poetry, contemporary art and music, at Brusti, in Switzerland, with paintings and poetical works;
  • Awarding of the title “Ambassador of Peace”from the international organisation “The Universal Circle of the Ambassadors of Peace”, on the 8th of January;


  • Published in L’ANTHOLOGIE UNICEF 2010, anthology of the international contest “Europoésie” et de l’association “Rencontres Européennes”, Paris, France;
  • Participation in the contest “Europo­ésie” and awarding of a special prize from the association “Rencontres Européennes” for the volume of poetry “The Words, in France;
  • Launch of a book and painting exhibition at The Academy of Police “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” in collaboration with the university professor  Raluca Lazarovici, followed by films with the paintings of the author and discussions with the students;
  • Launch of the book “Ilinca” as part of the book market Gaudeamus in November by the publishing house “Betta”in the presence of all the writers promoted by this publishing house;
  • Launch of the book “Ilinca” in Râmnicu Vâlcea, in The District Library “Antim Ivireanu” by the publishing house “Betta”in the presence of all the writers promoted by this publishing house, in October;
  • Launch of the book “Ilinca” by the manager of the publishing house “Betta”, Nicolae Roṣu, on the 31st of September at the Galeries “D.I. Grumăzescu”from Iassy, at the same time with the books of the writers Eliza Roha. Constantin Codrescu, Aureliu Goci;
  • Publishing of the book “Ilinca” at the publishing house Betta from Bucharest, August 2010;


  • Participation at the Conference of  Teachers of Romanian Language with video painting projections and reading from her books of poetry, in October 2009, Conference organized by School Nr.308;
  • Painting exhibition in the old center of Bucharest, as a part of ONGFREST, September 2009;
  • Painting exhibition and launch of a book, 27-30 September 2009, as part of the Congress of the Romanian Teaching Staff from Abroad. The President of Romania, Mr. Traian Băsescu, and the Minister of Education, Ecaterina Andronescu were present at this congress;
  • Awarding of The International prize of Poetry „NAJI NAAMAN”, 2009 Liban, for original creations; http://www.naamanculture.com
  • Publishing of some poems in the anthological volume „The Springs of Life” in 2009. Launch of this anthology in July 2009 on the occasion of some cultural activities;


  • Organization of the Romanian-Polish Painting Exhibition at the Cultural Centre M.I.R.A., 1-14 September 2008. Participation with some paintings at this exhibition;
  • Awarding of the 3rd prize of the International Contest of Poetry of the Romanians from all the World, contest organized by two poets, one from Montreal-Canada ( George Filip) and one from Râmnicu Vâlcea-Romania ( Ligya Diaconescu ) and by the international review STARPRESS (valcea-turism.ro) in partnership with RADIO ROMANIA INTERNATIONAL;
  • Collaborations to literary reviews from Romania and to Romanian reviews all over the world, ‘Agero” Sttutgart, The Observatory, Romanian Times from Canada, Sentimental Sunset from Bucharest, Tomis, The Word, Romanian Global News, Asymetria Polanicy ;
  • Painting exhibition at the Cultural Centre M.I.R.A., in the Hall “Nichita Stănescu”, from the 1st till the 14th of February 2008;
  • Painting exhibition at the “ Gallery of Arts”, Military Circle Bucharest, from the 28th of January till the 7th of February 2008;


  • Painting exhibition and poetry recital as part of the festival “Books and Arts”, exhibition organized in the foyer of the Opera House “Ion Dacian’, from the 3rd till the 7th of October 2007;
  • On the 11th of August 2007, launch in Constanţa of the anthology of poetry entitled “The Paths of Life “ published by Anamarol Publishing House;
  • In August 2007 the artist appears on the Channel Cosmos TV, invited by Carmen Stoian and Nikos Koudounis, at the program STAR FAME, where she presents her two last exhibitions;
  • From May until September 2007 – itinerant painting exhibition in ten towns from Poland, exhibition organized by the Honorary Consul of Romania, Mr. Cornel Calomfirescu.


Of the artist


Organized by the Honorary Consul of Romania,

Mr. Cornel Calomfirescu



Itinerary : Wysztawa


Nowa Ruda


Bystrzyka Klodzka



  • From the 24th of May till October 2007 – painting exhibition in Switzerland, the Ticino country, in Bellinzona, together with other four Romanian painters;
  • Painting exhibition at the Polyvalent Hall as part of the Congress “Beauty`s Days”, Bucharest the 1st , the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th of March 2007.It is the same exhibition as that at the National Theatre, entitled “The Light on the Left Shoulder”;
  • Exhibition of painting and poetry at the National Theatre from Bucharest as part of the exhibition “Body – Mind – Spirit “, entitled “The Light on the Left Shoulder”  on the 23th, the 24th, the 25th of March, 2007;



  • Permanent exhibition at the Tea – shop “Rendez –vous”, Floreasca Avenue, 42, beginning with December 2006;
  • Permanent exhibition at the Center Club, Academy street, nr. 19, beginning with the 16th of January until the 28th of February;
  • Permanent group exhibition of painting at the Club Caffe Asimo, Smârdan, 41, Bucharest, during the period 8 June 2006 – 30 December 2007;
  • Publishing of the cycle of poetry “The One I Should Be” in the anthology “The Spirals of Life” at the Anamarol Publishing House, Bucharest, anthology in which were published Romanian authors from the Romanian Diaspora or from other countries (Canada, SUA, Australia), or from towns like Chişinău, Timişoara, Iaşi, Constanţa);
  • Publishing of the volume of religious poems “I Want Another World”, at the Anamarol Publishing House, launch at the Mall Plaza Romania, in April 2006 (the book was distributed in all the Malls from the country and in all the libraries from Bucharest). The author was invited by the Radio Cultural Channel to present her book at the talk-show “The Creators between Sacred and Profane” at 22;10 o`clock on Thursday. She also appeared on the TV channel TVRM;


  • Publishing of the second volume of poetry ,“The Words”, at the Publishing House of the Romanian Literature Museum, November 2005. This volume had a televised presentation on the channel B1TV during the program “The World of Books/A Poem a Day”;




  • Exhibition of painting and poetry “The Point from    the Infinite” at the Central University Library (Royal Foundations) during the period 31 October – 12 November 2004;
  • Personal exhibition of paintings at the church “Doamna Oltea” during the Passion Week, 4 – 10 April, with the theme “The Cross in our Life”;
  • Debut with prose in the literary review “Caligraf”, December 2004;


  • Publishing of the debut volume – the booklet of poetry “Spaces” at the Publishing House of the Romanian Literature Museum, August 2003;
  • Literary debut in the literary review “Sud”, August,2003.




(from the cycle “THE ONE THAT I SHOULD BE “)



My words

Shout inside me

Like the sounds of a piano

On which I have fallen

Afraid of a dream




The life….

I was floating

And someone

Was holding my hand


The chaos!



I don`t know what made me today

Resemble to a violet tree

In blossom

Having green and blue flowers

And it seemed that

Through each leaf

The wind was whispering me

The word

Whose meaning

I could not utter.













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