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Victoria Dutu was at THE MIAMI BOOK FAIR FLORIDA U.S.A. november 2018.





An interview at “THIS WEEK IN AMERICA”
with Ric BRATTON


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These bookS are created by VICTORIA DUTU

$$$ Hello. I am VICTORIA DUTU. I am a writer and a painter. I invite you to read my books on Amazon U.S.A. My books are the “Gabriel” novel, “Anonymous” , “Ilynca”, and poetry books with my artworks, “Powder of love” , “There is a You” , ” The Words”, “I Want Another World”

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Novel “Gabriel”

The “Gabriel” is a novel of love and not only inspired by the real life of our time, with powerful characters who conquer the hardships of life.


Novel “Gabriel” with paintings

This book is the “GABRIEL” Novel that it contains 46 paintings created by VICTORIA DUTU. This book is full colour. The paintigs are landscapes.


There Is a YOU poems

You with Hard /You born /Of the words /You are just only spirit /And therefore /You are /So silent Unseen/ You Live /the fleshly /Scared of the world. /You look to /Back /In yourself /And you travel /With fast steps /By the word /What builds you /The Light /From the beginning


There Is a YOU poems and paintings

This book contains the poems of “There is a You” and 86 paintings created by Victoria Dutu



“ANONYMOUS” is a philosophical-religious reflection book.
It’s a meditation book.
A dialogue of many inner thoughts. It’s a diligent book with yourself, in which the main character is the inner thought.
A self-motivation and self-developement book.



The Words

Poems by Victoria Dutu


The Words – paintings and poems: Paintings and poems

Paintings and poems by Victoria Dutu. This book contains 56 paintings and 55 poems created by Victoria Dutu.






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