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You can read my novel Gabriel with only 2$

1.Victoria Dutu is a writer and a painter.

Victoria Dutu was at Miami Book Fair and will be at the Festival of Sacred Art in France, September 2020.

Victoria Dutu has a group exhibition all April 2020 at New York ArtFair with the New York Art Center Gallery.

She created books and paintings. She had exhibitions at New York, London, Oxford, Paris, U.S , Europe and Romania. She published her books at Amazon, U.S and Romania. More activity on her website victoriadutu com

Description of books by Victoria Dutu on Amazon

The novel “Lights of Love” by VICTORIA DUTU on Amazon for purchase.

“”My books and paintings are beautiful and intelligent and spiritual.

The prices of my painting are $50, $ 80, $ 100, $150, $200. My paintings are Acrilic on canvas.

If you want to have a painting created by me you can pay by bank transfer and I will send you my painting. You can see more paintings created by me in my personal websit victoriadutu””

This book is a novel of love inspired by a real case. It is a novel of love for music and art. The main characters are a pianist, HE and a painter SHE, named “winners”. All this action takes place in Paris, the city of love…


About the novel Gabriel by Victoria Dutu

The “Gabriel” is a novel of love and not only inspired by the real life of our time, with powerful characters who conquer the hardships of life. It is about the power of man and the moral values.


“The Call of the Bells”

The book is a dialogue between science, philosophy, life and love for the neighbor, the world and the faith in God.


“ANONYMOUS” is a philosophical-religious reflection book.

It’s a meditation book.A dialogue of many inner thoughts. It’s a diligent book with yourself, in which the main character is the inner thought.A self-motivation and self-developement book.

A Book of Thought Towards God.

It is an author’s book that supports and believes in the perennial values of Christian morals

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